Module Map Plugin


This plugin will write the lumbar module mapping code used to load modules in a meaningful way. The easiest way to use the module loader is with a backbone application however it is possible to create a custom module loader.

To output the module mapping javascript code in your project, you need to add a resource reference in the files data. This reference should be in the base module after the lumbar-loader.js reference but before an loader implementation references. See lumbar-loader for more details.

Preload and Depends

As of 2.0 the module-map plugin supports preload and depends flags defined on individual modules. When defined these will either background or blocking load, respectively.


This example is from the sample todos app

"modules": {
  "base": [
    {"src": "lib/backbone.js", "global": true},
    {"src": "lib/thorax.js", "global": true},
    {"src": "lib/lumbar-loader.js"},
    {"module-map": true},
    {"src": "lib/lumbar-loader-standard.js"},
    {"src": "lib/lumbar-loader-backbone.js"},

The code produced from the module map with the sample todos app lumbar file

module.exports.moduleMap({"modules":{"todo":{"js":"todo.js"}},"routes":{"":"todo","todo":"todo"},"base":{"js":"base.js"}}, './');
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